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Specialized On-Site Care Management, Inc., is an innovator and national market leader in the development of specialized ventilator care management and transition of care solutions, utilizing hybrid specialized care managers who combine the efficiency of our proprietary informatics with personal interaction.

Our process improves the efficiency, quality, and outcomes of healthcare delivery, and results in a quantifiable reduction of the total cost of care.

This innovation began in 1998 when we identified ventilator dependency (“life support”) as a prevalent event common in patients that incurred catastrophic costs, and we recognized that a new “specialist” Care Manager was required with expertise in both respiratory therapy and comprehensive case-care management.

We then developed a specific educational component to train our team of specialist Care Managers, and we developed our proprietary software to support our team and customers.

“Our mission is the unparalleled care coordination of our patients, employing our core values of compassion, advocacy, empowerment and accountability, and maximizing value for our healthcare partners.”

Our Core Values


We act as the advocate for the patient and the payer to collaborate the best outcome for the patient.


We empower the families and physicians of these critically ill patients with data and informatics that support the patient.


Many of these patients move to long-term acute care and hospice settings. We speak directly with the family to support their wishes for their loved ones.


We follow each patient through their journey out of the ICU to lower levels of care and provide detailed information to the health plan and the family.  


Contracts with National and Regional Plans

Covering 31 states with our care management programs in more than 500 acute care facilities.


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